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Written by Natalie Hayes and published in 2015, "Becoming Set Ready" is an interactive e-book. Specifically created for professionals in the hair and makeup trades, this comprehensive tell-all guide equips you to segue your career properly and prudently into the TV/Video/Film Industry. As insiders will tell you, the TV/Video/Film Industry is a unique, private microcosm rife with perks, quirks and a language all its own. Within these pages, you’ll find comprehensive, relevant and current information written by a practicing, experienced TV/Video/Film hair stylist + makeup artist. 

Upon successful completion of this study, you will be able to walk onto any set with a firm understanding of exactly what to do, how to do it, how to do it well, how to fit in like you’ve already been doing it long before your actual first day, codes of conduct + valuable tips to get yourself hired and re-hired. This is the information that so many hair stylists and makeup artists have been trying to get their hands on for years, typically to no avail. Forget trying to figure out how to meet TV/Video/Film hairstylists + makeup artists and just hoping they will take time out of their busy schedules to answer your questions (a rare occurrence). 

Fortunately, you now have the power and means to take control of your own foray into TV/Video/Film... and do it intelligently and with best odds. Reading this book will be like having a several hour Q&A session with a professional TV/Video/Film makeup artist + hairstylist because, in essence, you have! Upon completion of this course, truly you will possess the most important tools you need to, indeed, make yourself “Set Ready.” 

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